The difference between film and photography.
This book, this movie, these photographs provide a connection to a construct that is the subject of the motion – and the still image. It shows the differences between the two media from different angles. Here, the question of the nature, differences, and the similarities of film and photography will be investigated. This is illustrated by the effect of dimensionality, optical illusion and the time factor in the two forms of representation. Moreover, the content will be prepared multimedia based in this context meaning that there is a symbiosis of the traditional print media and the newly created internet medium.
As a introduction in the work, photographs can be seen, which are telling a story, but let the viewer room for interpretation at the same time. Thus, each reader can experience a personal story. The viewer has to deal with the images to get involved in the world of pictures. Because only then it is possible to understand and experience the differentiation. Next, the audience appeared in a short film. The choreography with dancers of modern dance direction which are connecting to the nine different approaches to the main topic and so will be the central subject themselves is used as a red thread. For essentially the dramaturgy of the film is the apotheosis of the geometry by the dancers. Here are the basic geometric shapes in the center point. Their worst enemy is the amorphous room of which they want to escape. The motion picture should dissolve the shown still images and the associated imagination of the viewer – if possible even destroy it.
The interviews are forming the end of the project. The persons were questioned regarding the subject, which difference they award to the movie compared to the photography.
The photos
The film
The interviews
The book
The making of
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